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Updated August 2012

Hi, my name is Daniel Aronoff and I am a blind food critic living in New York City. I also graduated in May of 2011 with a MSW degree (Master of Social Work) from Lehman College and passed the test for my license (LMSW) last November. Therefore, during the day, I spend a great deal of time searching for employment; ideally I would like to be a social worker helping people with disabilities. Then at night, I dine out a few times a week and return home to report my experiences here on my site, which is like my second home.
I have been blind since the age of three due to a brain tumor. I use my other senses to compensate for my lack of sight, but I do not believe that my other senses (such as taste, for example) are naturally or “magically” heightened. In addition, I am a huge fan of technology: I use JAWS (a software which speaks the text which is on the screen), victor stream, (a talking book/mp3 player for the blind), and Braille Sense (an electronic notetaker with a refreshable Braille display). I still believe that Braille is very important despite this great technology. To learn more about me, please
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