It was the best of pizza!

It was the best of pizza, but in the next person’s opinion it could be the worst of pizza. In essence, the word “BEST” is the ultimate in subjectivity. This blog has been inspired by a recent article that has come to my attention about the supposedly 10 best pizza slices in New York City:

First and foremost: let’s review my whole pizza Vs. pizza slice theory: In a world as I envision it, the pizza slice is to be consumed at a local pizzeria which is of good to high quality; I would not travel more than a mile in either direction of my apartment for a simple slice of pizza. If the author of this article believes that someone would travel to another borough for a pizza slice, then the joke is on him/her. I say this because we live in a city of abundant quantities of a vast selection of food, finding delicious pizza is not hard to do especially if you have enough experience of devouring it in your youth. On the other hand, I would gladly travel to Brooklyn, queens, or wait for it… dare I say Staten Island, for a great pizza.
This being said, and without going on a rant, I propose the following: First, here is a list of the five pizza establishments (at which I have dined) that I believe are the best in the city, followed by the five which I am most anxious to try out. After each restaurant, I will list its Zagat food rating in parentheses; I will list them in order of food from highest to lowest but this is no indication of which one I feel is the best. Are you ready? The suspense is

killing me!

Best pizza so far: DiFara’s (26) Lucali’s (26) Lombardi’s (25) Grimaldi’s (24) John’s Pizzeria (23).

Pizza I would like to try: Roberta’s (26) Totonno’s (26) No. 28 (25) L&B spumoni (24) Artichoke Basille’s Pizza (22).

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Let me know and thanks for reading!

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