This is a compilation of interviews, newspaper pieces and blog posts where I have been featured.

The Blind Food Critic on radio and podcasts:

• In December of 2011, I participated in a great podcast called SeroTalk (a play on words from the company SeroTech who makes handy products for the blind such as various types of screen readers and accessible technology).
Pleasse have a listen:

• During my trip to the Basque Country I had dinner at a cider house, surprisingly the video I recorded there was featured on a local radio program.
This was aired on the program Faktoria on Radio Euskadi, January 29th 2013.
Click here to listen.

Newspaper Articles:

• This piece about me appeared in one of the most important basque newspapers called el Diario Vasco in the “gastronomic” section!
The article talks about my visit to certain restaurants and pintxo places, as the blind food critic during my visit to san Sebastian in the Basque Country on January 2013.
Daniel Aronoff: cuando no se puede comer por los ojos “Daniel Aronoff: When you can’t eat with your eyes”.

• This piece about me appeared in a basque newspaper called Berria, in the “hara!” section.
the article talks about my visit as the Blind Food Critic to a traditional Basque cider house.
Itsu estatubatuar bat Euskal Herriko ohiturak ezagutzen “A blind American learning the habits of the Basque Country”.

Food Related Blogs:

• A website called Foodie Buddha wrote a great article about me and the Blind Taste Test in january 2012. It should be noted that I wasn’t even aware of this article until it was publishe!
Bad Ass Blind Foodies: Food Criticism Like You’ve Never Seen.

• for some reason CNN picked up on the previous story and published this:
Box lunch a case against pepper and blind gourmands.

• a website in South America wrote about me, and it was quite nice! (in Spanish)
La Comida de los Ciegos.

Interviews on the net:

• learning Ally, an U.s organisation that makes Recorded Books for the Blind and Dyslexic, wrote an article featuring me.
Blind Food Critic and blogger with a heart to serve.
Have you taken The Real Blind Taste Test?

• Maureen Duffy interviewed me for Visionaware, a website with lots of resources about blindness, treatments and accesibility.
Read the article: Daniel Aronoff, New York’s premier blind food critic!

• The New York Restaurant the little owl has made a post talking about my youtube food review of their stablishment.
This is what they posted about it.

• Fedora Outlier, a internet bassed organisation, that focusses on teaching Apple bassed accessible technology, has featured me on their Follow Friday section.
Follow friday with the blind food critic Daniel aronoff.

Guest blogger

I have written several posts for diferent blogs and websites, I list them on the following section:

• Following is my response to With New Technologies, Do Blind People Lose More Than They Gain? in which New York Times author Rachel Aviv explores the meaning of literacy and role of braille in our ever-increasing electronic and auditory world. This is a reproduction that apeared on January 2013 on Visionaware website, from the same article of this website.
The Importance of Braille Literacy: An Open Letter to the New York Times from Daniel Aronoff.

• A friend from twitter that has a website asked me to write a guest post for her section called whill to winn. Here is the link to that article.
Whill to win! – Daniel Aronoff.