Pizza showdown and give away!

Pizza Showdown!  It is my  hope that all of you love pizza as much as I do, personally I experienced a late start (I didn’t like pizza until I was almost 8 years old) but I certainly made up for it later on.  (Fun fact: my favorite topping is mushrooms.) My fondness for pizza extends to all of the great New York City pizzerias: Di Fara’s, Lucali’s, John’s, Grimaldi’s, Lombardi’s, and Patsy’s, just off the top of my head.  (If you have never seen the Jon Stewart pizza rant,

Check it out)


     In the next week, I am fortunate enough to be able to offer two give aways courtesy of the great people at Eversave.  Today, eversave

is offering $11 for one 18-inch pizza pie from Previti Pizza ($22 value)

–          Save 50% on a regular 18-inch pizza pie with one topping of your choice

–          Choose from over two dozen delicious toppings from pepperoni, meatball, and sweet or hot Italian sausage to grilled artichoke, eggplant and sun-dried tomatoes

–          Family-owned and voted the best pizza in Midtown by

According to Eversave: “Can you think of anything better than a crispy crust smothered with ooey-gooey cheese and a layer of zesty sauce? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Head over to Previti Pizza in Midtown to get a classic, Italian-style pie complete with your favorite topping today.”  To check out this deal, please go to


     Just like last time, here are the rules for this awesome give away:

1. Like Eversave on facebook



2. Follow Eversave on twitter:!/eversavenyc



3. Comment on this post, letting me know that you either liked Eversave on facebook or followed Eversave on twitter.  I would also appreciate any feedback on my blog (and your opinion of who makes the best pizza).  The winner will be selected randomly and will be announced on Tuesday morning.  P.S. The next give away will be posted shortly after the winner is announced, thus the pizza show down, good luck!  By the way, could you please vote for my blog every day:

Thanks so much for your interest!


5 thoughts on “Pizza showdown and give away!

  1. Hi everyone, well I am a little disappointed with the lack of comments, but we do have one player so there can be only one winner: congratulations Reenie W.! I’ll be in contact soon, get ready for some great pizza and thanks for reading the blind taste test!

    • Thank you Daniel! I think the Labor Day weekend had a lot to do with the lack of contestants – I guess I’m the only one of your readers without a life lol (jk)!

  2. Yes, John’s makes the perfect pie as far as I’m concerned – but there’s a lot of great pizza in NYC (one of the many joys of living here). I’ve shared your contest with my few facebook friends, but everyone’s out enjoying the holiday. I’m sure when Tuesday rolls around & it’s back to work you’ll suddenly get a bunch of entries since winning free pizza is a lot more fun than working lol!

  3. Hi Dan!

    You already know I follow Eversave (and you!) on Facebook. Thanks for another great contest, I hope more people enter this one. Previti is really good pizza – I mean they’re no John’s (but no one is as far as I’m concerned), but I think they are underrated & definitely worth a visit.

    • Hi Reenie, thanks for the comment, could you please spread the word about this contest? I’ve never tried out this pizzeria before but I plan to after this great deal, so I assume that John’s is your favorite?

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