Best new restaurant (and first review) in years!

Welcome — to A three-dimensional fiesta of flavors, sounds, and ambience. (also known as the restaurant that inspired the blind food critic to want to pick up the virtual pen again!) Each of you has now been transported to my absolute favorite town in the world, San Sebastian, located in the marvelous Basque country, which may look like Spain on the map but don’t believe the hype! I have whisked you away so that you can experience the true definition of fusion, executed in the right way: there shall be no gimmicks or incorrectly mish-mashing cuisines together here. Instead, we are visiting a restaurant whose chef forages the best local ingredients associated with the Basque Country and then uses them to perfection in an array of dishes found in Latin America. Make sure to reserve in advance, and let us find out together what kind of party is in store here! Read More