red meat overdose: my review of Burger Joint

Hi everyone, my recent diet has included way too much red meat so I am going back to a more moderate and healthy regimen. However, I figured if I was going to be “bad”, I might as well try out another restaurant which my friend said makes excellent hamburgers. That is the story behind my new food review:
Burger Joint
119 W. 56th St. (inside Le Parker Meridien, really? Yes!)
New York NY
4 stars out of 5
I would have never thought that this crowded restaurant for an inexpensive but tasty meal would be located inside of a fancy New York City hotel, but I was incorrect. It was extremely hard to even find it: the burger joint is hidden behind curtains in a hallway leading from the lobby. The menu is very simple: “if you don’t see it, we don’t have it!” This is the exact message on their menu and they mean it: the list of available food and drinks are short but cover all the bases, which are hamburgers, fries, and shakes. Therefore, I decided to be old-fashioned and simply ordered a plain hamburger (yes plain, no lettuce, tomato, etc.) and a chocolate shake. While waiting for my meal, I found the last available seat in the cramped dining area. The burger joint’s ambiance was laid back: people from all over the city gathered together, a variety of music was playing, and it felt very comfortable. When the food arrived, my mouth was watering and I felt relieved that it did not disappoint me. I bit into the hamburger and was reminded of old summer time barbecues, sitting on the grass and feeling the warmth of the sun. By this I mean that the hamburger was well cooked, delicious, and consisted of a patty of high quality beef (it had a distinctive grilled flavor). I wouldn’t call it a “top ten” burger, but I was very satisfied and it met my expectations.
The shake was thick rich, and sweet, it did not meet the excellence of Shake Shack but was still a real treat.

The burger joint is a place that I would recommend to try out once. It’s atmosphere was unique and the food was of a superior quality. Please do not be dismayed by my comparisons of this to other establishments, it is simply my mental way of ranking restaurants in order to determine their merits. I would be curious to hear your feedback about my review, or of this restaurant, please leave your comments below. Until next time… I will try to eat better and I look forward to hearing from my great readers.

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