Are you ready to Flex your Muscles?

Hello everyone, I have a great new food critic review for you today about an excellent new restaurant:
Flex Mussels
174 E 82nd ST
New York, NY
4.5 out of 5 stars
This is a rather new establishment which has been serving high quality muscles, in twenty-three different sauces, and French cuisine to the upper east side of Manhattan for the last four months. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that I am a muscle connoisseur, but I have certainly tried these delicious seafood delights in many different restaurants. The staff was very attentive during the entire meal: the waiters kept asking how the food was, two people greeted me on the way in and three wished me a good night when I walked out. The bread which was served was quite average, and did not impress me when I used it to taste my sauce for the muscles. I started with an appetizer of crab Cakes: this consisted of two crisp Maryland lump crab cakes, a very flavorful vegetable slaw, and a cool and tangy citrus aioli. I particularly liked the crab cakes because I could taste that they were mainly made with crab and very little filler. However, I still enjoyed the seasonings and diced vegetables which were mixed with the crab.
Finally, (I say finally because I have wanted to try this restaurant for a long time), It was time for the reason why I came here in the first place: the muscles. I remembered to have lowered expectations about the quality of the food, figuring that I could not be disappointed this way. My friend and I selected two different kinds of muscles. I tried the San Daniele muscles: accompanied with prosciutto, caramelized onions, white wine, and garlic. These were simply delicious: the muscles were particularly plump and the sauce was extremely tasty and could have almost been a soup by itself. Each of the ingredients created a layered sauce which perfectly matched the seafood flavor of the muscles. My friend chose the Maine muscles, which were cooked with a sauce of lobster, corn, white chowder, and parsley. I found these muscles to also be very large and tasty, and the sauce was chunky, fresh, and savory. We tried some French fries, which were above average. However, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend these because you will probably be full from the appetizer and muscles alone. Our meal was completed with two Swedish fish candies which were served to our table.
There is a word which I rarely use in life. I don’t like using it because I do not appreciate the meaning that is attached to it, but I will say it anyway: Flex Muscles has the BEST muscles in this neighborhood, and probably in all of Manhattan. You are welcome to disagree with me; however, this has been my experience. I recommend that all of you try out Flex Muscles, just remember to skip the bread and the fries. If you are looking for a taste of the sea, then Flex Muscles is the place to be!

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