Social worker and food critic!

Sometimes I become so extremely wrapped up in food headlines, reading about new restaurants, and perfecting my critiques that I forget to remind you and myself that my main career is that of a social worker. I now have my license in social work (LMSW) and I feel very proud of that fact; it took me six years plus to get to this point.  Although I may not be currently employed, my passion remains to help people with disabilities; in general I feel strongly about working to help those who are vulnerable, oppressed, and/or underserved.  I find it interesting: you never know where life will take you, the more I search for employment the more flexible and open to working with new populations I become.  As someone who was born and raised in New York City, I know how big this town can seem and how there can be many many people applying for the same jobs. What can I do? 1. I shal continue the job hunt until I win the employment game. 2. I promise to stay positive despite foreseeing upcoming challenges due to issues with the job market and economy. 3. Eat more chocolate? Sorry, I didn’t mean that. (By the way, I didn’t write this post ahead of time, it just represents some issues which have been on my mind.)

     I really dislike complaining on this blog so I think at this point I’ll stop while I’m ahead. Time for a shameless plug: if you know of anyone who is looking to hire a social worker in New York City, please tell them to contact me: Good night world, and happy holidays!

2 thoughts on “Social worker and food critic!

  1. Nice posting. I really enjoyed the first #InviteDan audio blog, too. I feel that one day soon, someone will see the wisdom of hiring you. Would you consider leaving NYC if it meant a employment working with your target population? No, I don’t know of anyone in NYC – or anywhere else – that’s hiring Social Workers.
    Yes, I blog solely on latkes!
    Oh, if you want to change from @blindblog to @blindfoodcritic on Twitter, don’t let my, or @soundofdreams rantings stop you. As long as you don’t change your avi when you do. Being sighted, I look for certain avis when i scan for tweets to read when I’ve been away for a bit and have a couple of hundred tweets in my timeline. I’m old and don’t do well with change anymore. (wink)

  2. the audio blog is great. for some reason first one that I got to work. Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds wonderful. Our top two items were a surprise, I may have mentioned… everyone went back for seconds and then for the lucky two that got them, thirds for — the Brussels Sprouts! and of course the sweet potatoes which were totally simplified this year, and got rave revues. Simplicity rules. Happy Channukah. A blog on Latkes next?

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