Brand new restaurant review: Zebu Grill

Who’s ready for some great Brazilian food?

Hi everyone, I have a unique restaurant review for you today. (Although almost anything can be that way here, in unique New York, try saying that five times in a row!)

The restaurant:

Zebu Grill
305 E. 92nd St.
New York NY
4.25 stars out of 5 stars

The review :

It is not often that I eat at a Brazilian restaurant, I am not an expert in their cuisine and there seems to be a lack of this type of food in New York City. Therefore, when I went to Zebu Grill, I had my mind open and was ready for a gourmet adventure. My friend and I started our meal by split two appetizers: Enroladinhos (3 Brazilian spring rolls filled with shrimp and crab meat with a spicy mango sauce on the side), and Costelinha de Porco (baby spare ribs with a blood orange, ginger & coffee bean glaze. The spring rolls were crisp and delicious, and were a perfect match for the spicy mango sauce. I really enjoyed the spare ribs; they were extremely tender and almost fell off the bone. In addition, their sauce was sweet with a little kick of spice and was very tasty. For my entree, I tried a tilapia special, sautéed and accompanied with an acai sauce, julienne vegetables, and yucca puree. The fish was great; it was excellently seasoned and cooked to perfection. The aecia sauce surprisingly gave it a great flavor. (acai, for those who don’t know, is a South-American berry, which is small and black-purple, it resembles a grape and some say it has great importance for different aspects of health). While the vegetables were fresh and well-cooked, I disliked the yucca because it was very dense and dry. For dessert, I decided on passion Brulee topped with caramelized bananas. This was outstanding; the bananas were crunchy and sweet, while the custard was light and airy with the definite flavor of passion fruit.

My recommendation:

My meal at Zebu Grill was truly superb for the most part, however This restaurant was more expensive than I had thought. That being said, my friend ordered Feijoada, which is Brazil’s national dish: lean cuts of beef, pork & sausages in a black bean stew. He really enjoyed it, I even tried a little and it was great. Perhaps I will taste this dish the next time I dine at a Brazilian restaurant, and the adventure continues! Regardless of the price, I definitely recommend that you try out Zebu Grill, or at the least, have a taste of this delicious cuisine.

Thanks very much for reading, please let me know what you think of my review.


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