chapter 51: yankees, dreams, and… read on!

If you didn’t come here to hear about sports, and in particular the New York Yankees, then I encourage you to press alt f4 and exit this page immediately.
Now, is everyone gone yet? Good:
How can I express my feeling of satisfaction due to the Yankees’ latest success? I am not sure, but I will start my story here:
Once upon a time, I had dreams of baseball. I spent time thinking about the day when I would be announced as manager and could pick my own line-up, one that would bring wins and a world series to New York City. I hoped that one day we would actually finish first or second In our division (I became a Yankees fan in the 80’s so that is where my frustration came from). When Torre started as the manager of the Yankees, he brought my dreams to reality and my thoughts soon changed: let this guy handle it, I no longer need to worry about being the manager. Long story short, I have been a huge fan of this team for my entire life. Therefore, I am extremely pleased with the way that the Yankees have been playing this year, especially after the all-star break.
There is another reason why I like this team so much. The following is a chart which explains how I rank my interest in each sport.
1. Baseball
(just imagine pages of blank space)
(finally you will get to the bottom of the list and find everything else)
I really enjoyed “watching” the Yankees in the late 90’s because I felt they had a great team chemistry (this is when I began to route for Jeter and he is still my favorite to this day). Each player was not playing for his own statistics (can you say A-rod, oops), and I truly believe that this was missing for several years. However, presently, it certainly isn’t 1996 anymore, but we are improving.
Yes, I know some of you are wondering, do I really watch the game? (What I mean is, as someone who is blind, do I physically watch it?) I technically listen, but I find it so natural to say watch. Sometimes I use the television like the Yes channel or ESPN, sometimes on the radio on WABC, either way I tend to say that I watched the game.
This summer has been quite busy for me. In fact, Monday will be the first free day that I have had (besides weekends) since June 1! Take care everyone, the birthday blog will be posted around the 24th.

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