cultural competence

Hello everyone, today I wanted to talk about respecting other cultures. As a future social worker, it is very important to me that I am culturally aware and competent. However, as a human, I feel that this is also very necessary. I am not sure why I am bringing this up tonight, perhaps it is due to all of the racism and cultural conflict that is presently taking place in this crazy world, but it is definitely on my mind.
It is my belief that every person is unique, we are all the same in a certain way but on the other hand each culture is different and should be understood as such. People from Spain are different from those from Puerto Rico, who are different from those from Albania or Iran. I am talking idealistically, I know this, and I do understand that there is no such thing as a perfect world.
But I feel that I can still dream of that kind of day.
I am a positive person, but I also try to be realistic, the glass is half full but at the same time I see that either way it only contains 50%.

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