I graduated!… Finally!

Hello world, I do not even have words to express my happiness today: I have finally received my bachelors degree in social work! Now I know some of you are saying: why is this a big deal? Thanks for asking: the magnitude of this achievement represents the end of a long journey for me. When I started college I was unaware that I would be so interested in the amazing field of social work. Therefore, I will admit that I dropped out of school to follow my dream; unfortunately I envisioned a life for myself which ended up being the wrong path. In other words, it did not take me the stereotypical four years to complete my undergraduate degree, and I am almost ashamed to state how many years I have been a college student. (I might have a face that makes me look young, but don’t be fooled!) I have taken classes at a few different colleges; I was on a never ending quest to figure out what I wanted to do with my future. Even though I had many interests, I think about those times now and realize that I had no focus. While I did well at whatever I attempted, I could not find my path. When I decided to go back to school, I chose the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), and this is where I discovered the field of social work. I believe that when I registered for an associate’s degree in human services at BMCC, I was deciding to move forward with my life. I finally understood that I felt the need to help others with disabilities, and I have been on the right track ever since. I truly hope that this blog serves as an explanation as to why, after graduating summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in social work and a 3.9 GPA, I am so pleased.

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