I’m on a health kick (not literally)

Hi everyone, well after all of the bad eating choices I have made lately (who me?), I have decided to start eating more healthy foods. Are you disappointed that I will no longer be able to enjoy those delicious treats such as pizza, hamburgers, fried foods, and oh no—chocolate? Don’t fear, I prefer the philosophy of moderation. I have attempted to diet in the past, sometimes being successful and sometimes… not so much. A couple of times I tried to eat just healthy foods, like egg whites, fruits, vegetables, and grilled chicken and fish. However, this meant cutting out 100% of the foods which I loved very much,(carbs and sugar used to be two of my best friends), therefore I eventually quit those diets.
How am I doing? I have not consumed any red meat since my last hamburger review, (it’s in the archives, check it out), I did eat pizza (but just once last week and it had mushrooms, so come on!), and am limiting my fried food intake. In addition, I have been keeping my chocaholism under control, so no worries. I also have been using a service called “create a salad”: I go to a local restaurant or deli and tell them exactly what I want in a salad and they make it for me specifically in that way (did I ever tell you about my selective nature A.K.A being picky,, well, I am very picky). Anyway, this phenomenal concept of salad creativity allows me to eat several servings of vegetables in a day and enjoy it too!
I have replaced the red meat themed polls with healthy related ones, please participate. Feel free to say hi or share your comment because I’m now on twitter:
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