my new portable PC, the Braille aNote!

Hello out there to all of you on the super highway. Today I will be talking about a very exciting new development in my life. Yesterday, I received the Braille Note. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is similar to a portable computer except that it is made for people who are blind. It uses a braille keyboard and refreshable braille display which comes in handy. It also has internet and email capabilities which I think is awesome because now I can make sure that I am always online somewhere (at school, at my internship, or on the go).

I am feeling very overwhelmed. The braille note came with a braille manual which consists of seven (thick) braille volumes of instructions. It’s great that I will have this cool piece of technology, but I will be devoting a large amount of my time to learning how to use it.

However, as my parents know, I plan to just start using it before I finish the manual. Life is about trial and error, sometimes you have to make mistakes before you get it right. Well, that’s the plan! I’ll update you soon about my progress. I already figured out how to use WiFi to get online, and how to connect a USB flash drive to the Braille Note! I was really excited after mastering those two tasks. Take care everybody, Dan.

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