new food critic review: Angelo of Mulberry St.

Welcome back to blind blog! I apologize for my long absence, I have been busy with classes but I have returned with a new food critic review. Here is a restaurant for anyone who is a fan of Italian food:
Angelo of Mulberry St.
146 Mulberry St. (between Hester and Grand St.)
New York NY
4.25 stars out of 5 stars
There is nothing like excellent Italian food at a local restaurant, so then why did I chose to try out a touristy establishment in Little Italy? Good question: Angelo’s actually makes delicious authentic food even though it has a reputation for being the destination of many people from out of town. Despite the subpar service, I enjoyed the ambiance; I was part of a diverse crowd of people in a relaxed setting. My friend and I decided to split two dishes: pappardelle Campagnole (long and flat egg noodles in a sauce of tomatoes, garlic, and wild mushrooms), and pollo Portobello (chicken breast with shitake and Portobello mushrooms in a champagne sauce). The first course to arrive was the pappardelle which went above and beyond my expectations: the pasta tasted so fresh and unlike any boxed variety I have ever tried, and was complimented perfectly by the flavors of the tangy tomatoes, mushrooms, and garlic. The sauce, in particular, was a remarkable creation which we agreed made up for the expensive price of the pasta. The next entre was the chicken dish which was outstanding. I was impressed by the champagne sauce, it was clear that the alcohol had been burned off during the reduction phase of the cooking process which left a sweet note to the sauce that I really liked. It should not be surprising that the chicken and various mushrooms were quite fresh, but again the sauce was the highlight.
As a restaurant which attracts many tourists, Angelo’s prices are far from cheap. However, if you are searching for some of the finest Italian food that this city has to offer, then I would encourage you to dine at Angelo’s.