religion can be rediculous

Hi, it’s Dan. Today’s blog might stir up some debate, or at least get some of you to think.

We are living in scary times in the United States. The economy keeps going down like a broken elevator, and tax payers are losing out on their dollars. I keep feeling like we are playing Texas hold ‘em poker and are in a big hand (try 700 billion dollars), where the U.S. is bluffing with nothing but making it seem as if we have a great hand. I have heard that this strategy is actually for the best, but it’s way over my head.

I saw the movie Religulous today, and now I am questioning my own beliefs and the state of my country. The main concept behind this movie is that doubt is a good thing, religion is a made up man made idea and it causes more bad than good. Now, I happen to be Jewish. I don’t think that one religion is better than the next, just different. I also don’t buy in to the stereotypes about certain religions (I.E. not all Muslims are terrorists, Jews don’t control the media, Mormons don’t all have three wives). However, I am having a problem coming to terms with where I stand as a Jew. My mind is made up of two parts: the rational side and the smaller, but still present, religious side. Logically speaking, I understand that there might not be a God, although each day I do observe things that seem to may be caused by a higher power (whatever you choose to call it). As for the religious sector of my brain, it knows that I was raised in the synagogue and contends that God is present and it strives to stay connected to the Jewish community. Therefore, I cannot resolve the conflict of science VS. faith.

I think I know who I am, but it is an ever evolving process. I will continue to pursue some level of religion, while at the same time staying firmly grounded in reality. The bottom line is that, no matter which religion you might choose or not choose to believe in, the following is true: I believe that the best way for society to thrive is if we all are nice to each other, maintain a good sense of ethics and morals, and we must only act towards others as we would expect them to act towards us.

I welcome any comments on this, just click the title of this posting and let me know how you feel. I am not trying to influence or change anyone’s mind, just to start an open dialogue about life and religion and your opinion. I am thinking about blogging about the election and maybe more about disability, but I would really like feedback if you read this. Thanks, Dan.

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