My frustration with access a ride:

Access a ride: the best of times, the worst of times:
I am feeling extremely frustrated with access a ride after today’s debacle. I admit that access a ride can be extremely helpful to people with disabilities, it allows us to go to work, meet friends, go to doctor appointments, and travel from one place to the next in the same way as our nondisabled peers. However, after what I went through today, I am not so sure if it is the greatest solution for me. I do not use this service very often, I happen to be totally blind and therefore I prefer to take the subway as long as it is the most convenient form of transportation. However, my trip today, according to, would consist of over seventeen miles, three subways, and a bus. I believed that access a ride offered the best option for traveling so I booked my reservation far in advance. I waited patiently in front of my building for my 4:11 PM pick up. In fact, I waited a half of an hour until I became concerned that I would miss the meeting and decided to call to check on the status of my transportation. To her credit, the woman who assisted me was very helpful and friendly, but her news was anything but good: my driver was currently driving on an express way in queens and wouldn’t arrive at my location for at least another fifteen to twenty minutes. This information by itself indicated that I would be late for the meeting, but I became even more annoyed when I heard the next part of the story: the driver’s plan was to pick me up, then pick up another three people, drop them off at their destinations, and then finally take me to Kingsborough community college in Brooklyn. I understood at this point that I definitely would not be able to make the meeting, so I hid my frustration and nicely asked the woman to cancel both parts of my trip. Therefore, I am now sitting at home, feeling extremely frustrated, and am not able to attend the meeting which I was looking forward to. Thanks for nothing, access a ride! Read More