Harlem Shake: great hamburgers with a twist!

Harlem Is Back!

When it comes to culinary creations, the art of executing an excellent hamburger can be more difficult than one would wink. In my quest for the
best burger
I have found that it can be just as hard to locate top notch beef in certain neighborhoods. To that extent, this is a gap which Harlem Shake hopes to fill by combining equal doses of fantastic food and culture. This new restaurant, which as the name indicates is located in
features a well-designed menu of hamburgers, fries, shakes, and even locally produced sodas! Naturally, they source their beef from Pat Lafrieda, because really: who doesn’t nowadays? (Seriously, Pat Lafrieda is responsible for the beef which composes most of the city’s best burgers, so this is a great choice for a new restaurant.) Besides a few special hamburger offerings, Harlem Shake’s menu will draw certain similarities to Shake Shack, but after my visit I fully recognize the difference and the food here speaks for itself. Read More