I like to stay busy!

Hi everyone, yes, as the title implies, I seem to be in a constant state of being busy. This might sound strange at first, but after reflecting on this concept for a while I realized that I actually prefer to have a life which is full with a somewhat busy schedule. In fact, I believe that I get bored with too much free time; I seem to thrive from activity. Therefore, I thought it would be appropriate today if I shared with you a little bit of what I enjoy doing all day long: (if you were thinking “eating dark chocolate and being overly sarcastic” then I am sorry, those two things almost made the top five)
1. Earning a master’s degree in social work: I began my first class in the MSW program last Tuesday and I have really enjoyed my first two weeks. The topic of my class is extremely interesting; pardon the cliché but I actually do learn something new every day (actually I have gained much more knowledge and insight than that).
2. My aspiration to become a food critic: There is something which is extremely delightful about trying out different kinds of food, and every once in a while I come across an opportunity to do so. Last weekend I was presented with one such event, during the first ever Gourmet Latino festival I was invited to a tasting of food and cocktails from Ecuador. You might be asking yourself: “how much does Dan know about Ecuadorian food?” Well… before Sunday the answer was: nothing. Luckily for me, there was a dynamic chef and “mixologist” who were there to teach me. As my readers know, I am very picky, especially about food that is too spicy, but there were certain dishes (such as the masitas fritas, pork shoulder which was fried then braised) which I actually enjoyed very much. (If you would like to read more about this event, you are in luck: there will be a separate blog coming soon. If this type of food does not interest you, why not read my blog anyway?).
3. Working out: After eating all of that delicious food, and just overeating in general, I have been working out on a regular basis. I find it easier to get up really early in the morning and go to the gym before class, that way I don’t have the chance to procrastinate later on in the day. (give me a stationary bike and an iPod and I’m set)
4. Following the Yankees: June is a great month for baseball, and although I haven’t been to any games this year, I enjoy listening to a good game. Despite numerous injuries, the Yankees continue to stay competitive and hopefully will still be close to first place when the entire team becomes healthy. (I am generally optimistic, but I am also a realist: having injuries is one thing, but horrible pitching and poor offense are two things I cannot excuse)
5. Reading: Yes, I said it, I like to read! Audio books have come a long way, and with an hour long trip each way to school, I am truly fortunate to have such excellent entertainment with me along the way. I have even read a science fiction book or two, and I’m trying to be more flexible and branch out into different genres. (within reason of course)
I hope this list has given you some insight into my life and why I enjoy being busy. Thanks for reading, I’ll talk to you next time: I am the busy blogger!
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