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Hello everyone, well with the end of spring break, I am realizing that my graduation is not so far away. I don’t know how my free time flew away so quickly, but in a way I am looking forward to returning to school tomorrow. At the same time, I am having mixed feelings about my internship: it can be boring at times, even tedious, and I will admit that I get into an occasional argument with the staff. That being said, I have established a kind of rapport with the residents there, and in a way I will miss them when I leave next month. It is a shame that a place like this, where people with more than one kind of disability live, is not serviced by at least one social worker. No one is paying attention to how the residents are feeling; all staff there are service based. In other words, there is one to cook, one to clean, one to give out medications, and one to fill out paperwork. I am looking forward to the day when people with disabilities are looked at as more than just statistics or people that you want to fix. We want services, but we equally want to be seen as regular normal people.
Speaking of things needing to be fixed, did any of you hear about that Yankees game yesterday? In case you did not, which is fairly unlikely considering the final score, the Cleveland Indians beat the New York Yankees by the score of 22 to 4! No, I didn’t make that up, don’t try to adjust your monitor (or, for those of you who are blind, don’t try to reinstall JAWS or whatever speech software you are using!). The Yankees really lost by 18 runs. Now, where do I start? Was our pitching staff drunk? Was Wang using some kind of steroids that actually make your pitching worse? I don’t know, but I am shocked and appalled! Did you know that we gave up fourteen runs in one inning? I think when something like that happens, there is no coming back from it. It’s not as if you can say to your team: “good job, we are only down by fourteen runs, now go out there and tie up that score!” Therefore, we now have 6 wins and 6 losses, which is great for a team with a 200 million dollar pay roll. (Sorry, I am just frustrated, I still love the Yankees, but with our new acquisitions over the off-season and our new overpriced stadium, I was mistakenly hoping for positive results).
Will the Yankees turn it around and earn a trip to the World Series? Will people with disabilities finally get the respect that they deserve? Tune in next time to: the blind blog.
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