diary of random thoughts

Dear diary:
I have tried to learn to live with regrets, with things that I have done wrong in my life, there are days when I feel that I make more mistakes than most. For example, on a day like today, I sit in front of my computer, thinking, wishing I had more friends. In a perfect world, I would have stayed in contact with friends who don’t live in New York anymore, and I never would have ever done anything dumb to alienate anyone. Some people say that life is short, maybe even you think that. Right now, however, this adventure that is called life can feel awfully long. I never really understood how much friendship means to me until I almost didn’t have any friends at all, and that was a scary place to be. So I just want to thank everyone who reads and/or comments on my blog: in one way or another, whether you are a friend, acquaintance, or robot?, all of you are meaningful to me. Read More