stress: you gotta love it

Hey everyone, wow I feel so stressed out right now, I am sitting here and trying to finish my take home midterm. I am feeling so much stress that I decided to write a blog about it in sort of a free form flow, just writing what comes to mind. This is my last class at Lehman, at least until I start the masters program in the summer (yes I know it’s not a given but with a 3.9 GPA you would think that they wouldn’t turn me down, and no I am not bragging just being sincere and stating facts). Anyway, rationally I don’t understand why this sociology course is causing me so much anxiety but it has to stop, right about now! Seriously, folks, I’m done, I am knocking this thing out before the MLK holiday on Monday and then I am done, well I’ll be done temporarily. Don’t forget: the final is of course next Friday and there is always more homework. Sometimes I feel that I am never done, that this work will never stop. This is obviously not the reality, in fact I get bored with too much free time on my hands so this is probably a good thing.
“Write, just write!” I keep telling myself this, three essays are all I need, actually that plus some chocolate, money, friends, a paying job, ok so maybe not just that, but it would be a very good start indeed. By the way, I apologize to any of you who might be reading this, if I carry on for too long or if you are thinking that there are more important problems in the world like the catastrophe in Haiti or the doomsday clock or our alleged impending doom in 2012 (really? Are you serious?).
Actually I do feel very bad for those who have been affected by the horrible events in Haiti, for the people of that country and for their families. For some reason it made me think about hurricane Catrina and its devastation, probably because I am a fan of the city of New Orleans and have been there a few times. I just wish for the best for everyone, enough said. No, I am sorry to disappoint those of you who thought that the world will end in 2012, that won’t happen. When, you might ask, will it end? I don’t know, but I do not pretend as if I have any clue. If Hollywood has taught me anything, perhaps it will be the day after tomorrow? (For those of you who are reading this blog after the 17th, then I was incorrect and new York is not flooded yet). In all seriousness, yes I like to joke around a bit, but all of these natural disasters, terrorism, and violence does scare me a tad (thank you Microsoft word thesaurus). Terrorism, in particular, frightens me. I am sure that there will be someone reading this post, maybe you do not live in a major city, and you are saying “it could happen here”… uh, no, sorry it couldn’t. New York in my opinion is the primary target, so I tend to be vigilant, even on the good old 4 train line.
Ok, I feel more calm now, thanks for listening to my thoughts, world. Let me conclude by saying this: I started this blog one year and a half ago and I write it for myself, not for the comments and not for notoriety, just for my own health and clarity, so thanks for tuning in.
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