Good bye Yankee stadium, good-bye… Yankees!

Hey everyone, ok so here is the deal regarding the Yankees: even though they are not mathematically eliminated, I have accepted the harsh reality that their season is over. October will be a dark time in New York, and I am definitely not alone in that. The only positive aspect of this whole situation is that the Mets look like they might not make it either! (I know, that was wrong to say, but I feel that I have to look at the bright side in this situation) I don’t hate the mets, but I would be jealous if their fans still had games to play next month while we won’t. On a sad note, the beloved Yankee stadium will be gone soon, replaced but not forgotten. I had had so many good times there, I have been going there since I was a kid and it has been a big part of my life. During a class last semester about America’s recreational habits, my professor described my feelings about Yankee stadium as “an emotional attachment”. I suppose she was correct. The new stadium will cost Millions and Millions of dollars to build, and it can not truly replace it’s predecessor.
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