Where’s the beef? Find out at Morton’s steakhouse!

Hello and thanks for joining me today in my food critic’s corner. I had an excellent new year’s eve this year, and what made it great, only in terms of the food of course, was a prefix dinner that I enjoyed with a good friend of mine at Morton’s steakhouse. I had never dined at this renowned establishment previously, and even though my favorite is steakhouse is the palm steakhouse, I decided to try out the food here which did not disappoint:
Morton’s Steakhouse
551 5th avenuavenuee
New York NY
4.25 stars out of 5 stars
When I walked into this restaurant, I was warmly greeted, and they staff went out of theire way to accommodate my friend and myself. This same quality of service also carried over to our waiter and all other staff employees, which really impressed me. The waiter presented us with several choices, from salmon to lamb to quite a number of steak choicess, which ranged from ribeyerib eye to filet mignon to cirloinsirloin. However, I already knew about the prefix special so I had already selection made up my mind. As part of the prefix, I started with a Caesar salad, which I adjusted to fit my picky nature (not an anchovy fan). The crisp lettuce contrasted the savory Parmesan cheese and the crunchy croutons well and I really liked this salad. After this I chose the small filet mignon steak, which I found to be tender, grilled to perfection, and seasoned just enough to bring out the flavor of the meat. A small crab cake accompanied the steak; it was delicious with succulent crabmeat and was perfectly matched with a few spices. In addition, as if this meal wasn’t great enough, I received a plate of delicious crispy hash browns, made with fresh shredded potatoes. You might think that I was pretty fulfull at this point, and you would be correct. Dessert probably wasn’t necessary after such a large meal, but I still tried it out for a few reasons: 1. It came with the meal, 2. I am a food critic so it is my nature to try out different types of food, and 3. I am admittedly a “chocaholic” so the idea of a chocolate themed dessert intrigued me. I ordered Morton’s hot chocolate cake, (I know, big surprise). I don’t really have accurate words to describe the sinful goodness of this creation, which consisted of a warm and slightly crunchy cake surrounding a hot fudge chocolaty type of filling, it was one of the best desserts I have ever dined on. The vanilla ice cream on the side was really not necessary, I was just happy with the cake and wanted only a long walk afterwards to burn off all of those tasty calories.
As a college student, I would never call this type of a meal “affordable.” However, it was a good deal based on Morton’s regular prices, where a steak can cost, yes, over forty dollars! I would recommend this restaurant 110% to anyone who would like a great meal at a wonderful steakhouse. I can honestly say that I am still a fan of the palm steakhouse, but this meal made me realize that there are other excellent steakhouses, which I plan to try out, here in this, the greatest city in the world. Until next time, thanks for coming with me on my latest food adventure!

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