Advocating for more described movies for the blind

Hi there, what do you think people who are blind do when they want to go to the movies? (In fact, do we even go and “see” movies at all?) Recently we have been using technology called descriptive video services, where a prerecorded description of the movie can be heard, when in the theater, by listening to a special pair of headphones. However, today I am feeling very frustrated: I tried to “watch” a movie today at Lincoln Square Theater (68th street and Broadway in Manhattan) and the headphones did not work. I tried three different pairs and all I heard was static. This problem is compounded by the fact that the headphones don’t normally allow you to hear the description until the movie begins, so I am forced to wait through 10-15 minutes of previews and advertisements until I can figure out whether or not these headphones are functioning. This is not the first time that this has happened to me at this particular theater, but today I am feeling fed up with it: the employees are not knowledgeable about which theater has the described movie and the technology breaks down at times.
It is time to advocate for more and better services. I am very frustrated with this system and I intend to pursue this matter until I receive 100% accommodations. (I am not sure if this necessarily falls under the Americans with disabilities act, but at the very least it should be common courtesy in a society that praises itself for being politically correct and equal to all.) Who is with me? In addition, I am looking for your help: many of you out there are blind or know someone who is blind, and I would like to invite all of you to join me in my attempt to advocate for described movies. Furthermore, please spread the word and tell other people you know about these issues, word of mouth can be incredible! (This might be silly, but I even posted a short description of my problem to my facebook status).
Can I change the system by myself? Maybe, probably not, but if we all try to improve the status quo then I believe we can bring about a real positive change.

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