back to work, summer 2009 edition!

Hi everyone, as I am typing this I am starting my second day of work for my summer internship. (no, i am not skipping work to do this, it’s just that nothing is happening right now so I figured this would be the perfect time to blog) Anyway, I am working at the same agency as last summer, and I am enjoying it so far. The staff are very nice and we get along well. I really like helping other people with disabilities, I feel that I can empathize with them because we are in the same situation. Part of my responsibilities here is to do research for the staff, which makes me wonder: was there a time before google? I mean, I’m sure there was, and I was around during the days when you could do research in one of those places, you know, those buildings filled with various books, oh yeah, a library! However, today people have become so reliant on the internet as the only place to find out information. (Yes, I have done this a little bit too, but I never forget about growing up before the internet craze). I am not complaining, I just think it’s beneficial to remember where we came from, and I wish I wasn’t so attached to the net myself, but that’s life.
By the way, I didn’t spell check this, so if you find any errors, sorry! I am writing this blog quickly so that I have more time to work, or to google. Have a great day world, I’ll talk to you soon. Dan

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