Do not read this…. well, I warned you!

Hello and good evening:
I thought I would tell you all that I am probably going to start writing for the Lehman college newspaper starting this month. They want to use my food critic reviews, which I figure is a start. Now, don’t be upset, I am not leaving you; I am just expanding my horizons. I plan to continue blogging, however I feel like I need my voice to be heard by a wider audience.
Sometimes when I speak my mind, and no one comments on my postings, I feel like I am talking to myself. I was hoping that, in part, this blog would help me to interact with friends and the public, but people generally tend to read it and move on. I also have posted two polls which not one person has voted on, this makes me slightly upset.
Let’s talk about something different, ok?
The other day on the 4 train, I was approached by a lady who wanted to know how to deal with vision loss. She told me a long-winded sad story about her life and asked me a bunch of questions relating to my disability. Let me break this one down to you for a second: First of all, I always like to answer questions when I am outside because I feel like I am educating others about my disability. At the same time, why do you assume that you and I are going through the same thing? Just because both of us are blind, that does not mean that we live through the same experiences. I am not Stevie Wonder, nor am I Ray Charles. (For that matter, I never did figure out how he got around by using the soul of his shoe. I tried it out, but found my cane to be more effective.) (By the way, I also fold my money and don’t just use single dollar bills.) So please ask your questions, but do not assume anything. For the record, I had a brain tumor at the age of three, and to make a long story short, I had my optic nerve removed, which is why I am blind. Simple, right?
Spring break is coming up, and I can really use the rest. School plus my internship have been stressing me out and I would like some time off. Until next time, take care.

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