If you like steak, then you will really like Spark’s!

Hello and welcome to my first official food critic review for the spring of 2009. I know that some of you have been eagerly awaiting my next restaurant critique, so it is my honor to present:
Sparks Steakhouse
210 E. 46th St.
New York NY
4.1 out of 5 stars
I have been enthusiastic about going to this steakhouse for a long time. It is a top rated establishment and for a good reason. In addition, many people have told me of their high quality dishes. Although I was thoroughly impressed, I cannot honestly say that it is the best steak restaurant in New York City.
I was seated along with four other people; these were friends and friends of friends. The staff seemed nice enough, but the service was nothing more than above average. I ordered the filet mignon with a side of hash browns. Let me first say that this establishment is quite expensive, it requires the kind of money which normally only gets spent on very special occasions. However, I do realize that all of the top ten steakhouses here charge similar prices, so in that aspect, Sparks is not so unique. My steak arrived, and I remarked on the fact that it was a reasonably large cut of meat. It should be noted that Sparks only has one size for their steak, so you don’t select a small or large cut of meat. I found the steak to be well done on the outside but a little too undercooked on the inside, so I sent it back. (I ordered the steak medium, this was my fault, I should have and normally do order it medium well done). When it arrived, it was much hotter. It had a very nice flavor with a touch of seasoning. It cut very easily, however, not as smoothly as in other steak houses. It had a rich flavor, and was very filling. As a matter of fact, I took some home with me so that I could compare the food quality on the next day. I particularly enjoyed the hash browns: they were crispy (a must for me), and seasoned well with spices and a little salt. Furthermore, the next day I ate the rest of my steak, which raised the level of my rating because it passed the test for next day quality. (Yes, I do have a test, and no it is not multiple-choice, more of a pop quiz).
Therefore, the food part of my experience was very positive. The service, on the other hand, was spotty. Our waiter gave us a problem when we asked to pay for the meal with credit cards; he said two credit cards maximum could be used per group. I just found the staff to be adequately nice, but nothing that made me feel really welcome. Nevertheless, and especially if you have ever read my reviews before, you know that I value food over everything else including décor and service, so I mostly based my rating on the quality of the food.
Recommendations: Try it for yourself! As I said, it’s pricy, I’m sure someone like the captain (Derek Jeter) could easily afford it, but for a colluge student like myself it really hurts your budget. I am still on a quest to find the best steak in the city, but I can only freach my destination by trying one place at a time.
Until next time,
Dan the food critic man

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