employment and technology institute: the good bad and strange

Hi everyone, well I recently came back from the Visions employment and technology institute. I had a great time despite the weather and food? (that question mark was intentional, not a typo) Anyway, I attended several workshops and seminars including confidence building, interview preparation, cell phone accessibility, and affordable assistive technology. I am very interested in technology, probably more than most people I know. Therefore, I learned more from some of these workshops than from others. In addition, I was able to network and meet new and interesting people with whom I hope to stay in contact with. The best part was that I won the highest merit award: (not bragging, sorry, just stating what happened) I won an ipod! Pretty awesome, I think. However, now I am returning to reality and I am back to work.
The Yankees finally lost! (I know, we had a great winning streak going there for a while) When I was young, I was a big fan of offense and of hitting, I always valued hitting more than pitching. However, now that I am more mature and grown up, I realize that maybe pitching is what makes the difference in the end. I noticed that during our winning streak, the thing that really stood out was our dynamite pitching staff! Yes, the offense helped us out, but what really won games was pitching.
That’s it for now, please comment on this blog and let me know your thoughts. Thanks. Dan

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