Fantastic food truck rally!

Imagine a sunny fall day in a vast picturesque park with a plethora of food trucks. This was the scene of a fantastic food truck rally which I recently attended at Prospect Park. (This was in the borough of Brooklyn in New York City for your information.) My love of food trucks has been
well documented
and this event was no exception. My journey to the middle of Brooklyn, which only required two subways, manifested a day of outstanding cuisine from three food trucks which I applaud for offering such a variety of options. It is my goal to try all
forty two of these
therefore I only chose ones which were new for me.

Green pirate juice truck:

I commenced my adventure here with a tropical smoothie. I was impressed with this food truck’s extensive menu of freshly pressed juices, although admittedly I’m not a fan of any sort of greens in my juice, (no thank you)! I found the smoothie to be a bit pricy but quite delicious. The pineapple, coconut, and bananas produced flavors which were pronounced and there was absolutely no doubt that they used fresh, top of the line ingredients. While smoothies are ubiquitous in Manhattan, the Green Pirate Juice Truck offers quality and convenience especially if you find yourself near their location.

Phil’s Steaks:

I obsessively read food related headlines, which explains how I became aware of this food truck and the hype surrounding it. After standing on a very long line, which moved quickly, I contemplated their menu to figure out exactly which sandwich I wanted. (Although I found several to be tempting.) My creation featured steak, sautéed mushrooms, onions, and melted provolone cheese on a roll which supposedly was baked in Philadelphia. I was impressed with the result: my first thought was that this sandwich was bursting with textures such as the tender steak, crisp onions, stringy cheese, and soft but slightly crisp roll. All of these flavors and dynamics came together to form a meal which was well worth waiting for. My hometown isn’t known for its Philly cheesesteaks, and I believe that Phil’s Steaks could give the majority of establishments here a run for their money.

Cupcake Crew:

sweet tooth
is notorious; I tend to crave desserts and desire to discover new baked goods. I have discovered that the art of making a great cupcake is much harder than it seems which is why I decided to try this particular food truck. Many of their flavors are quite creative, but when I heard the name of one of the varieties, I realized that there was a clear winner. I immediately ordered the Brooklyn black out cupcake, which essentially is chocolate everything, inside and out. My first bite was pure excellence: soft and rich on the inside, and sweet and crumbly on top. The cupcake contained enough chocolate flavor to be a bit overwhelming, in a good way, but not to the point where my stomach would hurt. Cupcake Crew is a definite winner, and I hope to indulge my sweet tooth again on their products.


This great city has ample room for all types of cuisine and different ways of serving it; and this was reinforced by the Prospect Park food truck rally. The best way to find these trucks is through
a social media platform which most people who I talk to claim not to understand. While that is unfortunate, you can also go to
this site
to locate many of the food trucks. I highly recommend attending a future food truck rally; based on my experience, I couldn’t have asked for much more.
Thanks for reading!

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