New review: Lou Malnati’s Pizza!

Let’s go way beyond your average frozen pizza!

Dear readers, similar to most of you who particularly enjoy pizza, I’ve experienced the
DiGiorno’s and Stouffer’s of the world.
However, Lou Malnati’s takes the art of frozen pizza to the next level and then some. Granted, the price point isn’t the same at all, and these pizzas are made fresh in Chicago then frozen and shipped out. However, as a born and raised New Yorker, I have yet to taste anything similar to this delightful deep dish pie.

Lou Malnati’s
4.5 stars out of 5 stars

Preparing the pizza:

I was extremely excited when my frozen pizzas arrived, fresh from Chicago via UPS and secured with dry ice. The standard Lou Malnati’s pizza is an amazing 9 inch deep dish pie, it looks a little small when first examined, but when I lifted the pizza out of the box I found it to be quite heavy. I followed the instructions closely: first by using a little bit of extra virgin olive oil to coat the pan, and next by baking the pizza in a preheated 400 degree Fahrenheit oven for approximately 30 minutes. (Honestly I was a bit nervous about this process, so I checked on my pie frequently to ensure that the crust and cheese turned out golden brown and not burned.) After cooling and slicing the pizza, I was ready for my first bite and I was blown away!

The food:

I experienced and was amazed by several different tastes and textures simultaneously. (The smell was also very enticing way ahead of time, which is just another reason why this pizza was so great.) It is difficult to prioritize these factors, so here are my overall thoughts:

  1. The mozzarella cheese was remarkably stringy and a bit sweet. I was shocked that cheese from a frozen pizza could retain these qualities. This would have been top notch mozzarella cheese even at one of my favorite
    pizza joints
    here in New York City.

  2. The tomato sauce was deeply flavorful and complex. I was impressed with the variety of Italian seasonings used and how it lingered on my taste buds. Once again, it could easily stand up to the competition here and is remarkable for this type of pizza.
  3. The crust was outstanding: I have never experienced this same level of deep dish pie before, therefore; the incredibly thick and crunchy crust blew me away. In New York City, we are known for the Sicilian or “grandma” variety of pizza which is certainly thicker than the norm, but I absolutely enjoyed Lou Malnati’s thick deep dish crust.


I was definitely impressed by Lou Malnati’s pizza. While I am convinced that it is unlike any other pizza I have tasted, I am obligated to warn you that they can be quite expensive due to the shipping costs. That being said, I believe Lou Malnati’s is worth trying out at least once and I highly recommend it for pizza novices and connoisseurs alike!

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