Goodbye Primehouse: a great restaurant is no more

Primehouse: (2007-2012)

I will sorely miss Primehouse, a New York City restaurant which the history books will classify as a steakhouse but which meant incredibly more to me. It closed yesterday without warning, with no opportunity for its fans such as myself to enjoy a final meal. In its short but fun filled five years, I spent quite a few lazy Sunday afternoons, relaxing nights, and at least one meal during restaurant week each year there; soaking up its laid back ambiance and brilliant food. Now that it has gone, I feel that I must document my experiences at Primehouse so that in this way we can all understand how great it was, and what an ideal restaurant should be. Please understand: I do not mean for this piece to be a complaint or to be overly negative. Even though I feel sad about the closing of Primehouse, I intend for the following to reflect its greatness.


How can I deconstruct this abstract element into words? The first thing which crosses my mind regarding Primehouse’s ambiance is how comfortable the seating was there. When I picture myself eating a perfect meal, I simply imagine sitting in one of their plush armchairs or soft roomy banquettes. The service was impeccable; I remember a hostess knew me on a first name basis which made it feel a bit like the TV show Cheers. Furthermore, the staff answered All of my foodie questions with ease and without a hint of attitude. Finally, I recall the music at Primehouse suited the environment perfectly; it was played at just the right level so that you could hear it without the sounds being intrusive. Please take note of the proceeding description future restauranteurs!

The food:

It is my hope that the following will properly convey the food aspect of the dining experience at Primehouse:

  1. 1. The bread: Yes, even this factor made Primehouse special. During lunch and dinner, you were presented before the meal with something akin to warm crunchy bagels. During brunch, there were two outstanding options: banana or zucchini bread. It was simply fantastic.
  2. 2. Hamburgers: Taking one bite into their succulent, well charred hamburger would prove to anyone why the closing of Primehouse leaves a gaping hole in my

    top ten hamburgers in New York City

    Regarding these burgers, I will particularly miss the thick crisp slab bacon or mushrooms and onions sautéed to perfection on the steakhouse hamburger, along with some of the best steak fries I have ever tasted.

  3. 3. The steak: It was simply tender, well seasoned, and always cooked to the exact doneness which I requested. This might sound like the usual description of a high quality steak, but the slight addition of their secret seasoning and exterior char on the steak qualified it as one of my

    top five steakhouses in New York City

    Whether on a salad, sandwich, or by itself, I feel upset that I will never be able to try this steak again.

  4. 4. Brunch: In my mind, Primehouse offered one of the best brunches because of the wide variety of dishes offered, all of which were excellent. I tried their omelet, egg sandwich, I could even order my favorite, hamburgers! Given the ambiance and food, it is evident why brunch was great here.
  5. 5. Desserts: I won’t forget unique selections such as the Bananas Foster Sundae which consisted of vanilla & banana-caramel ice cream, bourbon bananas, and a superb brown sugar almond crunch. I’ll also miss their “slice of prime”: 5 layers of chocolate & fudge cake with malt crunch ice cream. It was nice to dine at a restaurant which offered desserts which were far from the standard both in creativity and in quality.

I hope that B.R. Guest, as well as other restaurant owners, can learn from all of the things Primehouse did right in terms of food, which was just about everything.


Above all else, I feel happy to have had such wonderful times at this restaurant. It meant a great deal to me in the many ways which I have spoken about earlier, and it seems almost impossible to find another establishment which can potentially take its place. Once again, I don’t mean to sound so sad, I am simply thankful for the opportunity to enjoy such great experiences at Primehouse. R I P


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