Time for a new food critic review: Rare bar and grill!

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In my ongoing attempt to be a full-time food critic, (are you listening New York Times and all prestigious magazines?), I present this review of what might be called the best hamburger in New York City.
Yes, I said it.
The best hamburger in New York City:
Note: Do you know how sometimes the restaurant reviews, like in Zagat’s guide, give you an idea of how much a meal would cost in each restaurant by saying what the price is? (For example: $, $$, or $$$?) Well, here is my take on that:
Rare bar and grill
303 Lexington avenue
New York NY
4.25 stars out of 5
Rare is a high-end hamburger restaurant located in the Shelburne hotel. After reading the menu online, I found that anything you could imagine on your burger is here, including foie gras, fried eggs, Portobello mushrooms and five dipping sauces. However, Rare differentiated itself from many other similar restaurants that I have visited in the past with similar claims of many different toppings, here at Rare it does not detract from the quality of the hamburger itself. Based on the recommendation of my friend, I tried the T-Bone hamburger: this features a blend of sirloin & strip steak, topped with cheddar cheese and onions. It sounded really great, however I didn’t want to be disappointed. For the record, I was not.
The burger arrived, and it was thick! I have never “seen” a hamburger, with no fillers like lettuce or tomato, which was as thick as this burger. The first bite was a delight: I found it to be juicy; tasting many tempting flavors at the same time, and perfectly cooked. The actual “burger” was seasoned perfectly, cooked until medium but not “rare” in any place, and was a highlight of the meal. I also tried the French fries: on one hand, they were homemade, fresh, and delicious. On the other hand, I also felt that the portion was small for the price.
I considered writing this review immediately after my meal; it was that excellent of an experience. However, I then started looking back and questioned the merits of the meal. What I mean is that there is an ongoing conflict which is rarely resolved: quality vs. value. It is very hard in life to ever get both, and more and more I find myself sacrificing one for the other. Rare turned out to exemplify outstanding quality, but the value was not there. On the other hand, my review summarizes the quality of my dining experience and not necessarily the value.
Therefore, let me conclude by saying the following: by all means, go to Rare for a special occasion, or for a high quality meal. However, if you simply want a hamburger that is a good value, I would sooner tell you to try out Shake Shack. That being said, my hamburger at Rare was possibly the best burger I have enjoyed in New York City, ever!

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