welcome to the world of Dan: food critique review #4!

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My food critic review of the week comes with some significant history:
I used to eat at a restaurant called Vincent’s in long island when I was younger, and I still remember the experience. As it happens, many years later, meaning last night, I finally had an opportunity to go to their prime location in Manhattan’s famed Little Italy.
So, I humbly present my review:
119 Mot St.
New York NY
4 stars out of 5
This restaurant harkens back to the days of when Sinatra and the gang would hang out in these classic Italian eateries. As a matter of fact, my extremely friendly waiter, Nevan, related a story to me of when Sinatra ate there and paid for every single customers’ bill! Anyway, back to the food. This place is known particularly for one thing: the sauce.
Yes, the sauce! There is sweet, mild, and (oh boy, watch out) hot sauce with an extra kick of pepper and secret spices. The owner is the only one who knows the recipe, but he plans to pass it down to his grandson.
My experience at Vincent’s was highlighted by the service and the sauce. My dish of linguini and calamari with sweet sauce was quite delicious, of course, mainly due to the sauce. The pasta was fresh, may I say aldente, and so was the calamari, and although I enjoyed both I believe that neither made this restaurant a 4-star establishment. The magic is in that sauce! What’s in it? Wouldn’t you like to know? (Perhaps it is one of those Kentucky fried chicken secrets with the 11 herbs and spices) (Note to self: did I just mention KFC in the same review as Vincent’s? OOPS.)
Our waiter, as I mentioned earlier, also contributed to my high praise. He was knowledgeable about many things: at first, he spoke extensively about the menu and history of Vincent’s. After I paid the bill, he spoke to me for at least 10 minutes about celebrities who love the restaurant and who have dined there over the years.
Therefore, I will summarize my visit in the following way: go for the service and the sauce and you won’t go wrong!