important update (creative title)

Hello world, I am writing a quick 5 minute update so that all my great readers can have a concept of what I have been up to. I have been working at a social work internship since the beginning of march, it is going really well and I am so excited to help out people who are blind like myself. I am learning a great deal about this field and I feel this experience is extremely beneficial. I have been keeping track of the Yankees’ progress so far this season: the team looks very competitive but after all it is still early and anything can happen. Nevertheless, I am hoping for the best (eternal optimist) and would really like to attend a few games this season (hint hint). The return of baseball is a great thing, especially because I experience an immense feeling of anticipation during the months of the off-season.
I enjoy reading audio books very much, and I just finished reading a fascinating yet strange science fiction book: WWW Wake. It is difficult to summarize such a complicated but well-told story, so for your information this is part of’s description: “Blind teen Caitlin Decter gets an experimental signal-processing implant that inexplicably opens up her vision to the wondrous infrastructure of the World Wide Web. Inside the Web is a newborn webmind, a globe-spanning self-contained consciousness that is just becoming aware of the outside world.” I recommend this book, as long as you found that portion of the description to be of interest.
In other news, my struggles with weight loss continue, and my scale can never decide how much I weigh from day to day. I have been creating many salads this week, and I am continuing my diet despite the occasional frustrations. Finally, I am busy doing many reviews of restaurants and venues for a project I am working on called Accessible New York. According to our new website, “Accessible New York empowers people with disabilities to share their experiences of New York’s dining, lodging, and entertainment destinations, and provides quality information about these establishments to people who are ready, willing, and able to dine, stay and play in the greatest city on Earth”.
I hope you have learned more about me and my progress from this update, there will be more blogs to come in the near future. Thanks everyone!

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