Welcome to the updated restaurant awards!

Hello everyone, before I dive in to more of my food reviews, I thought I would take a quick look at some of the best restaurants around, in my opinion of course! (Sorry McDonald’s, you didn’t make the cut this year despite all of your mcnugget goodness and crunchy French fries). I will be referring once in a while to the Zagat’s food guide, because I believe that it is time to review my gourmet adventures in a numerical way. The Zagat guide rates their restaurants in three important ways: food, décor, and service.
Now, we all know that only one of those numbers matter. I’m talking, of course, about food! (no offense to fans of service, and décor: I can take it or leave it, as long as the food is top-notch). However, I strive to be as official as possible, so the following list contains all three ratings:
(All of these restaurant ratings are out of a maximum of 30 points, and they rarely get beyond 27 or 28).
Restaurant name: food décor service
The winner for barbecue food (envelope please): dinosaur’s (One of the top two barbecue restaurants in New York City, my apologies to Blue Smoke, you are number two): 22 15 17
The winner for Italian food (although this restaurant technically serves Roman food: sandro’s (scrumptious cuisine featuring an incredible bucatini amatriciana): 25 15 20
Best hamburger (readers of my blind blog should not be surprised by this): primehouse (Go for the outstanding brunch, they use a combination of rib eye and ground beef in their burgers and don’t forget to try the steakhouse burger with sautéed mushrooms and onions): 24 23 23
Honorable mention: union square café (On one hand it’s a bit touristy, and is one of the most popular restaurants in the city, but has a very nice hamburger and fried (I know) calamari): 27 23 26
Winner of best paella: socarrat (I am proud to be one of the first bloggers to write about this outstanding Spanish restaurant, their paella is only ahead of Malaga’s by a little, long waits so get there early and enjoy!): 24 17 20
Winner for best muscles: flex mussels (A fabulous restaurant offering big mussels with 23 different sauces, by the way, if you don’t like mussels maybe this is not the right restaurant for you): 22 17 19
Winner for best pizza (I’m sure I will get in trouble for saying this):lucali’s (This excellent restaurant is top two for pizza just ahead of Difara’s, great calzone!): 26 16 19

I feel extremely fortunate to have tried out the excellent cuisine from all of these establishments, in my quest to find the best in every category of food. I want to thank all of my readers for this opportunity, thanks to my great family, outstanding friends, and anyone who is reading my blog.

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