it’s been a long time, sorry I left

Hello and happy holidays to all, regardless of religion! I know it’s been a while since I last blogged, sorry. I have been extremely busy with everything going on with school and my internship, and nothing has particularly inspired me to write. However, today I just thought I would talk about a few issues that are on my mind.
1. I love what the yankees are doing, they are going out there and getting Substantial help. (sorry, this is an inside joke, when I say substantial help I really mean no help) All of these new free agents are great players, I will grant you that. We are fortunate to pay a zillion for each one. At the same time, I am pretty sure that we should have learned from the past, you can’t necessarily win a championship by paying for a virtual all star team. Baseball is a TEAM sport, putting together a bunch of great playeers from different teams does not really guarantee you anything. I personally value a team with solid playeers, who know how to do the basic things like bunting, fielding, and pitching, and who have a good sense of chemistry.
2. So you might not know this, but I am blind. Great, get over it! I am tired of people judging me or thinking less of me because of my disability. Do you know how hard it is to make new friends or meet someone new when people can’t
“see” past the fact that I have no vision? Another thing: I am frustrated because when I travel I am constantly getting bombarded by people who: bump into me without looking, grab me by the arm and push me onto the subway or accross the street, or ask me questions like “if you are blind, how do you cross the street/dress yourself/go to school?” I only answer these questions because by not answering them I would only allow them to continue using their misconceptions.
3. Is it me, or are people not as excited about the holidays this year as normal? I know we are in the middle of a recession, but come on! Money might be short but let’s try to stay positive. Just keep in mind: in 1933, during the height of the great depression, 15 million Americans were unemployed. This is far from our current 5.6% unemployment rate, although people with disabilities face 70% unemployment as it is so we have to work on that.
Life is an adventure, money is great and I love it, but life is about more than that. I wish everyone happiness, and I hope that America stays positive even if the stock market does not. Dan

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