Missing Links: read these updates or else…

Hello again world, it’s been a long time! Curious where I’ve been the last month? If your answer is eating too much food, you’d be absolutely correct! (I’ve also been working out consistently and was sick for 2 weeks, but I digress) In the coming weeks, I plan to post reviews including a great Greek restaurant, fancy French brunch, and lovely lunch for restaurant week. (Use alliteration much?) For now, I’d like to share with you, my incredible readers, some great articles and an interview which I hope you find interesting. I wrote some of the articles, some were written about me and/or this site, and then there is the podcast where I was interviewed. Before we begin, I’d like to tell you that I truly enjoy doing this, being a blind food critic is something which is “fun” and my motivation is not financially based. (If the New York Times is reading this, ignore the last sentence: I’d love to be your new food critic!) Thanks for reading, it really means a great deal to me, now let’s proceed to what I call my Missing Links!

First of all, a website called Foodie Buddha wrote a great article about me and the Blind Taste Test. It should be noted that I wasn’t even aware of this article until it was published, but I’m not mad! Here it is:




Next, for some reason CNN picked up on my story and published this:




Yes folks, that was actually the real CNN, I was amazed too!


One of the coolest pieces of news I have to report is that a website in South America wrote about me, and it was quite nice! If you can understand Spanish, here is what they wrote:




For those of you like me who don’t read Spanish, here is a shortened version of the article. (Thank you Google Translate!)


“Daniel Aronoff is 31 years old, (32 years old actually) lives in New York and is blind. As a child he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was operated successfully, but the following year the tumor grew again, this time around the optic nerve. His parents made the difficult decision to allow the operation to remove the tumor but it left him blind forever. Daniel survived and is totally blind, except he sees bright light and some shadows. He grew up as a normal boy, studying in regular schools, developing specialized skills and a deep interest in technology. Soon he began to publish reviews on a topic that interested him more than anyone else: food. His reviews of restaurants turned into a success, and Daniel decided to acquire his own domain. The blog name says it all “The Real Blind Taste Test “(The true test of blind tasting). The name of Daniel’s blog is great!”


In December, I participated in a great podcast called SeroTalk (a play on words from the company SeroTech who makes handy products for the blind such as various types of screen readers and accessible technology). Please have a listen:




(It’s a little long so thanks to SeroTalk for letting me speak my mind).


Here is an article I wrote for examiner.com about highlights of 2011, food wise of course:




If you aren’t hungry after reading that, then you are not a true foodie!


Finally, one of my good friends from twitter asked me to write an article for her website, Sounds of Dreams. It was intended for a section called “will to win” so that is how I framed my thoughts, I kept it mainly positive and optimistic:




It’s really a great site so I encourage all of you to have a look.


That’s all for now, until next time remember: it’s only 75 days until the yankees’ opening day of the baseball season!

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  1. As always great article! And on Cnn no less! you are awesome! continue the good work!, and thanks to link your article on my site!

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