Open Letter about my Trip

Today I have returned from an incredible adventure to Spain, the magnitude and excitement of which are overwhelming for me. (In other words, the blind food critic has enjoyed an awesome trip!) I have realized that I’m a pretty private person, despite my apparent openness on this site, and I tend not to be very emotionally expressive. So don’t be shocked if this announcement comes as a surprise; I didn’t tell many people about this and it’s not personal if I didn’t inform you. More importantly, this adventure offered me excellent opportunities to try and write about new foods, and to understand a new culture (in the Basque country). I also believe that my voyage further improved my sense of independence as someone who is blind, a concept which I value dearly.
I headed to San Sebastian, in the northwest of Spain and the heart of the Basque country. I will tell you a great deal more about this town in the next couple of weeks, but for now I need to process my adventures. (Until then, you can always check out my
From this excellent excursion). At many times, I felt like a novice of a tourist, but I have always been a fast learner and now I believe I am more qualified to accurately describe these experiences to you. There has been a plethora of articles written about how San Sebastian has become one of the culinary centers of Spain, and I enthusiastically agree!
Like most of you, I still ponder many questions about life. I am positive that our existence is composed of much more than the food we eat, but as an aspiring food critic, I cannot possibly resist writing about this fantastic opportunity. Until next time,
Agur! (Good-bye in Basque)
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