politics as unusual?

Hello my friends, I have come here tonight to talk about the biggest story of this ddecade. Obviously, all of you know what I am refering to: the Yankees released Jason Giambi today! I find this to be shocking because, oh wait a minute, that’s not it! Was there something important I was supposed to do today? Let’s see: brushed teeth (check) went to internship (check) what did I do in between? I remember now: I placed my vote for Mr. Obama, who I can now happily report will be the 44th president of our great country.
Now, let me explain my problem today. No, make that problems. First, I waited in line to vote and when I finally arrived, I found out that the “accessible” machine was broken down. I was told that all polling workers had been fully trained (yeah right) and that it was just a problem with the hardware. My other problem is that I was extremely “paranoid” today.
Paranoia is a disturbed thought process characterized by excessive anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion (http://www.wikipedia.com).
My thought process was that Mr. Mccain might actually win this race, even though all signs pointed to an Obama victory. Furthermore, I didn’t want Obama to Big Brown the race, sorry for the bad reference.
I was so relieved when at approximately 11 PM I (and a good friend of mine) heard on CNN that we had a new president, “that one.” (My apologies again for the distasteful joke)
Good-bye Joe the Plummer, Ms. Gosh Darn it you bet ya, and hello change!
Now, here is the next step: Obama needs to actually walk the walk and bring real and concrete change to this country which is in the middle of economic strife and multiple wars which are depleting our resources and hurting us in multiple ways.
Change the world: let’s make it more than just a mantra, let’s make it reality!

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  1. “im a monster, im a mavin, i know this world is changing, never gave in, never gave up, im the only thing im afraid of, no matter what you will never take that from me. my reign is far as your eyeeeeeeees can seeeeeeee”

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