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So why is it so hard to meet new people and make new friends? Some of you might say that we live in a huge city which makes the friendship process extremely difficult, and you may be right.
However, for my part, I have the extra issue of being blind. Now, no, this is not a pity party. I don’t want, actually I really never want, to be pitied as someone who has a disability. For the same reason, please don’t look at me as some kind of hero. “Oh Daniel, you can dress yourself? You can cross the street? How do you do that?” I’ll answer all of your questions, then that’s it.
Who am I? I don’t know, but on my list of characteristics (American, New Yorker, Jewish, Yankees fan, etc), being blind ranks close to the bottom.
Anyway, for all of these reasons, it is difficult for me socially. I just hope that the world understands this, I have tried going to bars, joining clubs, going to meet up groups, and all of these techniques have their benefits. Furthermore, don’t think that I will stop doing these things; you will still see me at the bar, in a Lehman club, or hanging out with a meet up group. However, I have yet to find a solution.
Sometimes I feel like people don’t, can’t, or won’t get past the exterior. Will I forever be that guy with a cane in his hand, or will I be,…
Just Dan.
I don’t know, I have more questions than answers, but my plan is to stay positive about life. I think as soon as I start thinking negative thoughts, then bad things can happen.
I use this blog to express my deepest feelings, so let me be honest. I didn’t like writing this blog today. I feel like I am preaching, like I am whining or complaining. I like to have a sense of humor in all things and now, looking over this Microsoft word page, I see none of it. Therefore, let me end my statement as follows:
In these hard times, let’s try to keep a bright outlook. Don’t lie to me, but I feel that if I think positive then positive things might happen. After all, if I got bogged down with all the nonsense going on right now, I would not be as productive. (I do have a full load of classes and 240 hours of internship to complete, that’s busy enough for me) I would be interested to hear all of your comments on this, if you are reading this on facebook, please remember that you can read my entire blog at
Tomorrow is the start of a new week, spring is around the corner! Good night New York City, and I will talk to you soon.

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