New documentary to feature the blind food critic!

Expressing the experience of being blind poses some unique challenges. I don’t intend to portray my life as extremely negative or scary, A.K.A. “you must be so brave“ or inducing the pity factor. At the same time, it would be misleading to describe my day-to-day scenarios in an overly positive manner, as if my disability doesn’t affect me in the least. (That being said, I generally try to bring a sense of optimism to the table.) Sometimes it feels as if I have to walk a fine line in order to exactly educate others regarding what it is truly like to be blind. Therefore, I was thrilled to be contacted to appear in a documentary with this precise goal in mind!
Last week, I excitedly recorded my part in a future documentary called New York After Dark. The awesome crew followed me during two typical days of my life to get a better picture of what it is like to be in my shoes. (I like to call it “blind food critic style!”) Despite the rainy conditions, we successfully explored the Lighthouse for the Blind, where I gave the crew a tour and a brief education in the amazing complexity of Braille music. During the following morning, I attempted to accurately portray a normal journey featuring shopping for groceries at one of my favorite gourmet establishments: Eataly! In this way, my wish was to convey more by my actions than by my words and to let the camera do most of the talking!
I have high hopes for the future of this project. Besides looking forward to my final day of shooting, I am intrigued to view the finished product which will also feature two other subjects who are blind. I am truly grateful to be included in such a fantastic concept! Until next time, have a look at
the official New York After Dark website
And why not take a quick look and listen to my previous shopping experience at Eataly which is featured in the video below?
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