The Yankees’ collapse: who didn’t see that coming?

What happened to the Yankees?

Beautiful on the outside, flawed on the inside: thus was the state of the New York Yankees when, approximately six weeks ago, they possessed the lead in their division by ten games and the best record in major league baseball. Most people anticipated an easy road to the play offs and possible World Series aspirations; however, I was not one of them. It seemed to me as if the Yankees were facing weaknesses in more than one area, too many in fact to be simply addressed by a trade or two. Injuries aside, this team has struggled mightily over the last month and a half, and as of today they are tied for first place with the Baltimore orioles. It deeply hurts me, both as a lifelong Yankees fan and as an eternal optimist, to admit that this collapse did not shock me in the least.
It is evident that there are three reasons, beyond the plethora of player injuries, why the Yankees are losing so many games. Read More