Choice Streets Audio Highlights!

The 2013 Choice Streets event represents the trifecta of many similar food tastings: so much food, so many lines, and only so much time to sample all of the delicacies. Fortunately, I found that the results were just as satisfying as the Village Voice’s other event from March,
Choice Eats
As I strolled an outdoor section of the Intrepid Museum, hearing the notes and bass of soulful music in the background, I happily munched on a candied bacon waffle in one hand (from Wafels and Dinges), and drinking a citrus/tea/green apple puree slush in the other (from Kelvin Natural Slush). I felt a great sense of contentment while perusing these twenty-six food trucks and realized how lucky I am to be living in New York City. For the record, I strongly believe that food trucks are an essential part of the future of dining, especially because their products benefit from portability and convenience. Read More