The True Top Five Steakhouses in New York City

The mystery of the steakhouse:

Exorbitant steakhouses are the name of the game here in New York City: that’s the bottom line. It seems as if every Zagat rated establishment in this category is obliged to charge north of $30 and as much as $60 for a piece of meat; even if it is a transporting slice of filet mignon. Regardless to the state of the economy and high rate of unemployment, it is essential to figure out which steakhouses are worth your time and hard earned money and which ones deserve a pass. That’s where I come in: through my years of dining experience in this great town, finally I have painstakingly assembled a list of the top five “must try” steakhouses in this city. It should be noted that this list only reflects restaurants where I have personally dined, so if your favorite is not mentioned then it is possible that I have not tried it yet. Furthermore, this does not take into consideration those restaurants which serve steak but which are not known as steakhouses. Are you ready for some high quality red meat? Read More