Tasting extravaganza: my review of 2013 Choice Eats!

I can’t imagine trying all of New York City’s thousands of restaurants within a lifetime, which explains the potential beauty of tasting events such as Choice Eats. On March 19th, 2013, over 50 of the city’s best restaurants, bakeries, and alcohol producers, all of which were selected by the Village Voice, gathered at the Armory on 25th street and Lexington avenue in Manhattan. It was an experience that absolutely overwhelmed my senses: upon entering the armory, I was immediately submerged in a variety of smells and flavors from across the world. In addition, between the DJ and the enormous crowd, the sound level was many decibels above the ideal. Nevertheless, I am very happy that I decided to attend Choice Eats and I now have many new restaurant adventures ahead of me. Read More