Blue Dog Cafe: small space, great coffee!

Blue dog cafe:

101 W. 25th St. (just off of 6th avenue)
155 W. 56th St. (between 6th and 7th avenue)


Have you ever thought about finding a great hole in the wall coffee shop? Your wish has been granted with the two locations of the Blue Dog cafe. (especially the one in Chelsea which is a true hole in the wall but the one in the west 50’s is slightly larger). As a social work intern for an agency for the blind, I conducted research regarding the best restaurants for lunch in Chelsea and this is when I found this little piece of caffeinated heaven.

What to order:

Let’s start with my overall favorite: the mocha latte. Blue Dog makes what I believe to be one of the very best in the whole city thanks to an extremely strong espresso and deep dark chocolate flavor to its mocha. That being said, their coffee is very good too, as well as a pricy but excellent line of smoothies. (try the St. Bart’s Smoothie with pineapple, banana, blueberry, coconut water & vanilla).

What to order with your coffee:

When you enter Blue Dog, you will be presented with baked goods galore. I can honestly vouch for most of them (from firsthand experience of course). My recommendation is to start with the glorious morning muffin filled with an assortment of delicious ingredients such as apples, raisins, carrots, and nuts! Their granola bars and brownies are also superb selections. Blue Dog cafe: coffee at its best!

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