Oren’s: consistently craveworthy caffeine


Multiple locations


I discovered this gem of a mini chain while searching for an alternative to the ubiquitous Starbucks. (I still like my frappuccinos, don’t judge!) Despite having several locations, each Oren’s feels like a local coffee house due to personable and friendly staff and a great product line.

What to order:

I suppose the real question is what shouldn’t you order? I’ve tried many drinks from Oren’s menu with excellent results across the board. Their lattes are particularly noteworthy; I’m never disappointed with these well prepared creations especially with a little mocha. For true caffeine connoisseurs consider consuming the shot in the dark: a cup of coffee with a shot of espresso (just in case there wasn’t enough of a kick to begin within the first place).

What to order with your coffee:

Oren’s baked goods are definitely the perfect complement to your beverage. Once again, they have a solid list of selections; everything from their chocolate chip cookies to zucchini muffins even to sugar free mixed berry scones tend to hit the spot. Friendly staff, great lattes, and tasty baked goods: you can find the trifecta of coffeehouse goodness at Oren’s.

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