Financier: lattes and macarons for all!


Multiple locations


While studying for my license in social work (LMSW), I came upon one of several locations of Financier. Currently there is one near where I take my piano lessons: jackpot!

What to order:

You can find an outstanding selection of caffeinated beverages here, most notably the latte and mocha. These drinks are strong yet refined and are a pleasure to sip on no matter what the season. (Side note: I like the construction of their cups; the tops have a mechanism where you can open or close the hole so which protects your coffee from spilling).

What to order with your coffee:

You can’t go wrong with the macarons here. While I enjoy Laduree’s macarons more, these always hit the spot. They also make nice varieties of cakes and other sweet treats. Indulge your sweet tooth and enjoy!

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