The best coffee in New York City according to the blind food critic

I was never a fan of coffee in my youth (thanks for asking): it was too bitter and I simply did not like the taste. Everything changed on one magical day when I discovered my good friend: mocha! (The wonderful world of chocolate is my reality) It can transform the mundane coffee or latte into something special and delicious. Currently, I enjoy the adventure of finding new gourmet establishments that serve coffee; maybe I have too much time on my hands but it also keeps me in a positive state of mind (and out of trouble). Out of all of the places I have visited, four stick out in my mind as being the best. Without further adieu, drum roll please!

The following list is not in order, honestly, my selection really just depends on which neighborhood I’m in at the time. Click on the name of each coffee establishment for my full review:

  1. Oren’s

    Friendly staff, excellent coffee, and tasty baked goods: you can find the trifecta of coffeehouse goodness at Oren’s.

  2. Blue Dog Café

    Have you ever thought about finding a great hole in the wall coffee shop? Your wish has been granted with the two locations of the Blue Dog Cafe.

  3. Financier

    You can’t go wrong with the selection of delicious lattes and macarons at one of many locations of Financier.

  4. Wholefoods Tribeca

    A great mocha latte and a granola bar from Wholefoods: now that’s an awesome way to start your day!

Thanks for joining me on my coffee adventures, take care everyone and have a great day!


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